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Welcome to Osh

A small Oasis along the Silk Road, Osh is the perfect place to rest up for a few days and recharge for the road ahead. 


Hostel Muras

in Osh

Hostel “Muras” is located in the heart of Osh, right above Zorro Motto – a motorcycle rental and repair shop. It is no more than a five minute walk from the central Bazaar, and walking distance to Sulaiman-Too and many restaurants and cafes.


  • Two large bed rooms, housing a maximum of 7 people each.
  • Three bathrooms, each with its own toilet, shower and sink.
  • Communal kitchen with a gas stove, fridge, cooking pans, dishes, utensils and basic necessities like sugar, salt, cooking spices, as well as tea and coffee, which are free to use with any booking.
  • Washing machine & drying rack
  • Fast Wifi & individual outlets for every bed

Services (paid)

  • Hot breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Laundry
  • Transfers (to and from airport, to and from Chinese/Tajik border)
  • City tours
  • Shower (for people who just need a shower after a hot day)


Hostel Muras is a cozy, clean, and affordable place to put up your feet for a while – and especially convenient for those traveling by motor-bike.  


The first rest stop in Kyrgyzstan after making it  through the Pamir Mountains.

Sary-Tash is located high in the southern mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where the road from Osh splits to the right, in the direction of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and to the left towards Kashgar, China.

Muras Guesthouse offers warm beds, hot showers, and a great view – a little bit of well deserved civilization after a long day of driving (or riding) through the desolate Pamirs.

Muras Guesthouse

in Sary-Tash


  • Two Yurts (4 people each)
  • Four Bedrooms (2 three person bedrooms, 1 fourperson, 1 five person)
  • One Toilet (outside for yurts)
  • One full bathroom
  • Wifi

Services (paid):

  • Hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Transfers (Osh Airport to Sary-Tash, Sary-Tash to Chinese/Tajik border)
  • Organize Horse Riding tours in Sary-Tash or Osh


Our HOsts



Muras Founder & Manager of Muras Guesthouse (Sary-Tash)



Manager of Muras Hostel (Osh)


Call or text for reservation 24/7

+996 708 533 873 (whatsapp)